If your tasks are intended for performers from different countries, you can translate your project into their languages.

Advantages of a multi-language project:

  • Performers are more likely to take tasks if the description and instructions are in their own language.
  • Performers will better understand how to do the task.

If your project will be translated into multiple languages, we recommend creating the project in English and selecting it as the source language.

Note. You can only add translations in the new interface for creating projects.

Adding a translation

Read the instructions or watch the video.

  1. When creating or editing your project, open the Translations page.

  2. Select the Source language and add the target language.

  3. Add translations and save the page.

How does it work?

Toloka automatically selects the language based on the user's language settings in the interface and profile.

Deleting and editing

To delete or edit your translation, open the Translations page and click to delete or to edit.

Translation parameters



Source language

The main language used in the project settings.


The languages you selected and their translation status.


All languages you selected and their current status.

  • — the language is active and will be displayed to users.

  • — the language is inactive. If you added a language but didn't fill in the fields, it is inactive and users don't see it.

Name and description

The current translation status of the project name and description.


The current translation status of the project instructions.