Interim statistics

For your convenience, we put all key statistics on the main project page. You can view statistics for 7 or 30 days. For detailed statistics, see the Project statistics section.



Submitted tasks

The number of completed task suites from all pools except training.

It includes all tasks uploaded to the main pool. The tasks uploaded to the training pool are not included in these statistics.


The total amount of money spent. This includes rewards linked to the tasks and excludes markup.

Quality: control tasks

The percentage of correct responses to the control and training tasks in the main pools.

Quality: training tasks

The percentage of correct responses in training pools.

Average submit time

The average time for completing a task suite in the main pool. Specified in seconds.


The number of committed users — performers who completed at least one task suite. This includes those who lost access to the project.

Banned users

The number of performers who were blocked from accessing the project. It does not matter whether the performer is currently blocked or not. Requester and platform bans are not taken into account.