Pool statistics

You can track the completion of tasks on the pool page (see the table). You can also get notifications by email, in the browser or on the Messages page. In the Profile, open the Notifications tab and choose which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them.



Task pages

The total number of task pages in the pool.


The total number of tasks in the pool.

Training tasks

Number of training tasks in the pool.

Golden tasks

Number of control tasks.

Average submit time

The average time for completing a task page in the pool. Calculated based on 1000 recently completed task pages.

Approximate finish time

The anticipated time for finishing tasks, in days and hours. Calculated based on the average time per task page.



is the number of task pages remaining uncompleted or those completed with insufficient overlap.

is the average time per task page. Calculated based on the amount of time since the pool opened and the number of task pages completed.

Budget spent (+ markup)

The total amount of money spent (not counting the tasks waiting for review). The fee amount is shown in parentheses.

Approximate budget (+ markup)

The amount of money spent and expected costs (if all the tasks are completed and all responses are approved). The fee amount is shown in parentheses.

Active users with access to pool

The number of performers selected for the pool with filters. The number includes only performers who viewed and completed tasks in Yandex.Toloka in the last hour.

Interested in pool

The number of performers who started at least one task page.

Submitted in pool

The number of performers who completed at least one task page.

Submitted assignments per 1 user

The average number of task pages per performer.

Expired tasks

The number of expired task pages.

Skipped tasks

The number of task pages skipped by performers.


Why has the speed of pool completion dropped?
Possible reasons:
  • You've stopped the main pool. This could limit the number of performers with access to the pool. Start the training pool again. There will be more performers who can access the tasks.

  • The filters you set are too strict. For example, a strong restriction on a certain skill that most users don't have.
  • Too many users are banned. Ease the quality control rules.
How can I speed up the pool completion?
  1. To motivate performers, assign a public skill and use dynamic pricing.
  2. Try to increase the project rating, so that your task is higher in the list of tasks for performers.
  3. Set a higher priority for the pool among other project pools.