TSV file with tasks

Input data is uploaded to Toloka in a TSV file. You can download a sample file for your project by clicking File example for task uploading (tsv) on the pool page.

Column headings:

To form task suites yourself, add an empty line after each task suite. If you use “smart mixing”, task suites are formed automatically. You don't need to add an empty line.

The example file below contains two task suites. Task data: image URL and webpage URL ( INPUT columns) and correct answers (GOLDEN:result column).

Additional fields for tasks selected on the map
If users select tasks on the map, add the coordinates of the map in the columns:
  • Al:latitude — Latitude.

  • Al:longitude — Longitude.

Coordinates should be the same for all tasks in a suite.

Rules for populating the TSV file:

  • Field names must have the same case as the input data ids.

  • URLs must have the www or http:// prefix.

  • Quotation marks in rows must be paired.

  • Multiple paragraphs and tab characters can be included in a field. To do this, enclose the text with paragraphs in quotation marks.

The maximum file size is 100 MB.