Reviewing assignments

You can review assignments manually and reject them if they weren't completed satisfactorily. Rejected tasks are not paid for.

You can also create a separate project and ask performers to review assignments in it. For example, in the Collecting relevant data section, a separate project is created for reviewing assignments: Project 3. Does the item found look similar to the initial one?.

Reviewing assignments may take from 1 to 21 days after the assignment is completed by the performer. Set the review period in the pool settings. Note that performers are reluctant to accept assignments with a long review period. It's better to set a period of less than 14 days.
Attention. When the period ends, assignments that haven't been reviewed are accepted and paid for automatically. Set the deadline so that you have enough time to review the assignments.

The performer may challenge the results by writing to the requester. The decision can be changed within 30 days from when the assignment was sent for review.

You can also filter out performers based on the percentage of rejected assignments.

Setting up review of assignments for a pool

To be able to review assignments when they are completed, make the settings before starting the pool:

  1. Choose the Non-automatic acceptance parameter on the pool page in edit mode.

  2. In Review period, enter the number of days for reviewing assignments (from 1 to 21 days). The performer will see the deadline in the task information on the main Toloka page.

  3. Save your settings.

Performers' responses will become available for reviewing as assignments are completed.

Note. Explain the acceptance criteria in the instructions for performers.

Resending assignments for completion

If you reject an assignment, Toloka can resend it for completion to other performers. To have tasks automatically re-sent for completion, add the Recompletion of rejected assignments quality control rule to the pool.