Quick start

In Toloka, you can create various tasks and send them out for completion.


Tip. Register in the testing environment, the sandbox. There you can complete your tasks as a performer and then transfer them to the production version.

To release tasks for completion and get responses:

  1. Register in Toloka as a requester.

  2. Create a project. For typical tasks, use project templates.

  3. Add a task pool.

  4. Add training, so that performers can learn how to complete the tasks.

  5. Top up your account in Toloka.

  6. Start the training pool.
    Tip. First, send a small trial pool (10–100 tasks) for completion.
  7. Get the responses and analyze them. If the response quality is poor, try to find out why. You may need to edit the instructions or add more tasks to the training.

  8. After starting the tasks, watch for incoming messages from performers during the first hour. Usually performers report problems with tasks quickly.

  9. When all tasks are completed, download the received responses.

  10. Check the responses if you chose to review assignments when configuring the pool.