Get help creating a project

Project creation can be a complicated task. If you have any difficulties, you can:
  • Search for the solution in All questions on one page.
  • Use the services of professionals:

    • Yandex.Toloka Laboratory automatically solves popular data-processing problems. The lab is useful if you need to quickly solve a problem and you don't want to spend time running a project on the platform itself.
    • Experts in crowdsourcing are professionals who can help you create and configure a project, mark up tasks, and much more. They have passed a certification exam to prove their knowledge of crowdsourcing and earned a registered e-certificate from Yandex. To learn about terms of partnership, contact these experts directly.
    • Certified partners are companies that will take on the launch and implementation of your project and help you process the results. These companies have already integrated crowdsourcing into their business processes and they offer excellent solutions.
  • Contact support.
  • We also have a Telegram chat for Yandex.Toloka partners and requesters. It posts meeting announcements, blog articles. Requesters can share their experience with each other. To find the chat in the Telegram app, search by the tolokacommunity name.