To choose performers for a pool, click Add filter on the pool editing page and choose the selection criteria:


Make sure to add the Languages filter and specify the language of the task instruction and text.

To choose performers more effectively, add the Region by phone filter.


By default, the task is published only in the web version.

To run the task simultaneously in the web version and in mobile apps, add a filter:

To make a task available only in mobile apps, add a filter Client = Mobile Toloka.


To make a task available to users in a specific region, add the Region by IP filter. This is useful for field tasks.


You can filter performers by skill value or choose ones without a skill. To choose performers without a skill, use the = operator and leave the value empty.

The pool will be available to the performers whose skill is more than 66 or is missing.

To appoint a skill to performers, set up a Golden set.

All filters added to the pool work simultaneously. The criteria within a single filter are combined with the logical OR operator.

You can view the number of performers selected with filters in the Speed / Quality block, in the line: “Tasks are available for completion for N active users”.

To add filters quickly, use the Audience presets or copy filters from another pool (the Copy settings from… button).