Payment documents

Payment documents are processed in your Yandex.Balance account.

List of payment documents
  • Service invoice

    Service invoice and the tax invoice are formed after the services are completed on the basis of the payment invoice, as well as at the end of month.

    You can send a copy of the service invoice by e-mail or order the original certificate. Read more about ordering documents in the Yandex.Balance Help.

    You can also request original service invoices via the form below.

  • Extended report

    Contains data on all invoices and payments. Available only in electronic form.

    To get the Extended report, go to Service invoices, select the reporting period in the Date from and To fields, enter your email and click Send by email.

  • Reconciliation report

    You can form the service invoice for the desired period. Reconciliation reports are sent to your email address. Read more about ordering documents in the Yandex.Balance Help.

Edit your payment information

Restriction. You can't edit the dates and amounts of closing documents.
Edit document delivery addresses and payment details
You can edit your email address, the actual address for the correspondence delivery, and some payment details. To do this:
  1. Go to the Payers page.
  2. Click the edit link in the block with the desired payer.
  3. Edit the information.
  4. Click the Save button.

You can also send a request to change payment details to the document workflow group at: In the request, specify a list of new and old payment details, the email you used to register in Yandex.Toloka, and attach a copy of the document that confirms the changes (signed by the head of organization and with the organization's seal).