Data security

Yandex cares about the security of your data and results of data labeling. This section describes the key principles of working with data in Yandex.Toloka.

We also advise that you read our recommendations for data protection in Yandex.Toloka.

Key principles

  • The rights to the results with labeled data belong to the requester, and no one else.
  • Yandex treats the data that the requester sends to Yandex.Toloka as strictly confidential. Support staff have access to this data. The list of employees granted this access is regularly reviewed and their activities are monitored by our team.
    Note. If necessary, the requester may grant access to their account to other users, for example, to their employees.
  • Performers must treat the requester's data as confidential: this is stipulated in the User Agreement. We make sure that no fraudulent performers get access to Yandex.Toloka: cheaters get a warning or ban.
  • We only store the values of input data you upload to Yandex.Toloka. However, we don't download the content from links in advance and we don't save this data on our side after the tasks are displayed.

Personal data

By transmitting data to Yandex.Toloka, you automatically agree to this data being processed by third parties, namely, performers in Yandex.Toloka.

To avoid transmitting personal data, you can anonymize the data yourself. For example, you can cover up people's faces in photos and change the pitch of the voice in speech recordings.

For tasks that use recognition of passports or questionnaires with personal information, you can cut out the fields with data and use separate tasks for them. For example, you can send the last name, first name, and patronymic separately for recognition.