Collecting relevant data

Collecting relevant data is a task to search for data that matches the specified parameters. The provided solution to the task is exemplified by searching for the same or similar shoes in an online store. To compete the task, you'll create and configure a number of projects, identify an object in the photo, and choose the best object from several options.

You can use the projects described below either together to set up a unified process or just in part (for example, to only identify the object in the photo).


See the complete code for all projects in the Appendix.

Each project consists of the following basic steps:
  1. Creating a project. In the project, you describe the input and output data, task interface, and instructions for completing a task.

  2. Adding a pool to the project. In the pool, you set up quality control and filters for performers.

  3. Uploading a TSV file with tasks to the pool.

  4. Starting the pool.

  5. Obtaining and aggregating the results.

Learn more about the main entities in Toloka: Project, Task pool, and Tasks.

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