Become an expert in crowdsourcing

To become a certified crowdsourcing expert:
  1. Make sure there's no conflict of interest. For example, Yandex employees can't partner as crowdsourcing experts.
  2. Fill out the application form and wait for a response from Toloka:
    • If you completed the “Data collection and processing using crowdsourcing” course as part of the Yandex “School of Data Analysis”, to get certified, just upload a document from the school certifying that you completed the course.
    • Otherwise, you need to complete a test task. You'll find the task data in a response message to your application form.

If you complete the task successfully and the Yandex.Toloka expert panel has no questions regarding the logic of your solution, the Yandex.Toloka team confirms your certification and you will join the list of certified experts in crowdsourcing.