Blocking access to tasks

You can block a performer's access to one or more projects. This lets you control manually which performers will complete tasks. For example, you can choose all performers with a skill value lower than N and block their access to tasks. You can also unblock access.

To block access to tasks for a single performer:

  1. Select a performer on the Users page.

  2. Click Actions → Ban, then fill in the fields:



    Ban type

    Where to apply the ban:

    • In all my projects — All projects.

    • In the project — A single project (choose one from the list).

    Ban expires

    Set when to lift the ban.

    We recommend blocking access temporarily in order to maintain the desired number of performers for completing tasks.


    The reason for banning (only seen by the requester).

To block access to tasks for multiple performers:

  1. Select performers by using the filters on the Users page, or upload a CSV file:

    <ID of performer 1>
    <ID of performer 2>
    <ID of performer N>
  2. Click Ban, then fill in the fields (see the table above).

You can view information about access to tasks on the performer's page (the Users page, the Bans tab). To unblock access to tasks, hover over the ban line and click .