Benefits of a partnership with Toloka

It can be challenging for a requester to launch their first project in Yandex.Toloka. If you already know how to use Yandex.Toloka, you can get certified and provide other requesters with services for launching and setting up projects.

  1. Partnership benefits
  2. Partnership options
  3. Partner status validity period

Partnership benefits

Lists of certified Toloka partners and experts in crowdsourcing are posted on the Toloka website and other Yandex resources. We refer to these lists in the documentation and other guidelines.

In addition to recommendations, Yandex.Toloka partners have other advantages:
  • Get invited as an expert and speaker at Yandex.Toloka industry-specific events.
  • Get access to new Yandex.Toloka features and options.
  • Use a special Yandex.Toloka support line.
  • Experts in crowdsourcing also receive a personal certificate that confirms their knowledge and skills.

Partnership options

For individuals and individual entrepreneurs:

You can become a certified expert in crowdsourcing. A Toloka certificate is proof of your in-depth platform knowledge. It verifies that you can configure and launch projects of any complexity.

The list of certified experts in crowdsourcing is posted on Yandex.Toloka resources.

Become a certified expert in crowdsourcing

For businesses

Machine learning (ML) companies can become a certified Yandex.Toloka partner. These companies have already integrated crowdsourcing into their business processes and they offer excellent solutions.

Certified Yandex.Toloka partners are listed on Yandex resources and Yandex.Toloka resources.

Become a certified partner

Partner status validity period

The Yandex.Toloka partner status does not have any time restrictions. However, we may request you to confirm your qualifications at any time if we find gross violations of the platform rules or receive multiple complaints about your tasks or requesters from performers.

Note. Yandex reserves the right to revoke your partner status if your profile is inactive for more than six months or if you violate the User Agreement, the Terms of public contest, or the laws of the Russian Federation.