I am registered in Toloka as a performer

You can't change the account type. Sign up again as a requester. To do this, you will need a different phone number.

Note. You can't use a phone number linked to the Toloka account, even if the account was deleted.

I am registered in Yandex, but not in Toloka

  1. Open Toloka.
  2. Click the I'm a requester button.
  3. Choose the Profile type. It affects, in particular, the way you add funds to your account.
    Attention. You won't be able to change the profile type later.
    If there is a warning on the registration page:
    Email and phone number

    Go to Yandex.Passport and link your phone number. We need your number to send the SMS code.

    Wrong phone number

    The user with the phone number specified in Yandex.Passport is already registered in Toloka. Make sure that you aren't registered in Toloka with a different username. Also, try Restoring access.

    If you have a wrong number linked in Yandex.Passport, change it. For more information about linking a phone number, see Yandex.Passport help.

    Attention. According to the User Agreement, a user can have one account in Toloka.
  4. Fill in the profile information:
    • Surname, first name and patronymic.
    • Residence address.
    • Display name — The requester name shown to performers in the task.
    • Contact details. Are available only to the service administrators.
  5. Set up notifications.

    You can get messages when your account is low on funds, when a pool of tasks is completed, and when your account is blocked. Choose one or more options:

    • Enable notifications, if you want to see notifications from Toloka in the requester interface.
    • Enable notifications and Send copies of notifications by email, to receive notifications from Toloka (to the email specified in your profile).
    • Send copies of messages by email, to receive messages from performers and the Toloka administrator (to the email specified in your profile).
  6. Accept the User Agreement and click Next.

I don't have a Yandex account

  1. Register in Yandex. Be sure to enter your mobile phone number. We need it for sending the SMS code.
  2. Register in Toloka.

Frequently asked questions

I can't get an SMS with the confirmation code

Use the Yandex.Passport recommendations. If this doesn't help, write to the support service.

I had an account in Toloka. Now I can't register because the number “belongs to another user”

According to theUser Agreement:
  • The user may have one account in Toloka.
  • The user must have a unique phone number.

If you don't remember your credentials in Toloka, use Restoring access.

If you deleted your account in Toloka, you can't register again or restore the deleted account.

How do I change the phone number in my account?

To change your phone number, go to Yandex.Passport and change your main number.

Note. If you don't have access to the old number, it takes a month to replace it. For more information about changing your phone number, see the Yandex.Passport help.