Paying taxes

Your earnings data is automatically sent to the tax service. Your earnings are taxed with the professional income tax at the rate of 6%.

You pay the tax yourself. When you withdraw money, this amount is not withheld by us.

The amount to be paid is displayed in your personal account in the My Taxes system. Be sure to pay the tax no later than the 25th day of the next month. You can pay using a bank card or an invoice to pay at a bank.


Ending self-employment for Toloka

You don't have to end your cooperation with Toloka if you no longer want to complete tasks. You don't have to pay the 6% tax if you stop doing tasks and withdrawing money from Toloka.

If you change your mind, you can resume completing tasks and withdrawing money at any time.

If you still want to end your cooperation with Toloka:
  1. Go to the Profile tab.
  2. Click End self-employment for Toloka.
  3. Make sure that you have withdrawn all the money and you aren't going to complete tasks anymore. Click Confirm.
Rejecting self-employment status
Restriction. If you reject self-employment status, you can no longer complete tasks and withdraw money from your Toloka account.
You can change your tax status:
Regaining self-employment status
  1. Make sure you are registered in the taxpayer's personal account.
  2. Add Toloka as a partner in the personal account settings.
  3. Write to support. In your letter, tell us that you want to become a self-employed performer now and why you rejected your self-employment before.
Receipts: viewing, canceling, or restoring

A receipt is a payment document that contains the amount of your earnings. Receipts are automatically generated each time money is withdrawn from Toloka.

  1. Go to the My money tab.
  2. Select the desired data row in the Actions history table.
  3. Click View receipts.
Note. By law, you can cancel the receipt after withdrawal, but further withdrawal will be blocked until we clarify the circumstances. If you canceled a receipt by mistake, contact support.