Completing tasks

  1. How to complete a field task
  2. How to complete a non-field task
  3. Questions and answers

How to complete a field task

  1. Use one of these ways to choose a task:
    • On the general map: tap in the upper-right corner.

    • In the task list: choose which tasks to perform, then go to the map with these tasks on it.

  2. Reserve the task (tap Reserve). It is saved in the Reserved section. The time allotted for the task begins to count down from this moment. There is a timer in the task description: .

    You can reserve multiple tasks at once.

  3. Go to the location shown in the task. Select the task in the Reserved section and tap Resume.

  4. Perform the task:

    • Read the instructions ().

    • Answer the questions and attach a photo (if required).

    • Tap Submit.

    Attention. You need to tap Submit while you are at the location shown in the task. Otherwise, your response might be rejected.

The task and your responses are stored in the Done section. It will be sent to the requester as soon as you have internet access. If Submit over Wi-Fi only is selected in your settings, the task is sent after you connect to a Wi-Fi network. You need to make sure the task is submitted before the task time expires.

How to complete a non-field task

To perform a task:

  1. Choose a task from the list (tap and select Available).

  2. Read the instructions () and go to the task.

  3. Answer the questions and tap Submit.

You will be redirected to a page with the next task. Complete it, or go back to the task list.

Questions and answers

How can I make my responses submit faster, if it's too slow?
Set a lower resolution for photos in your camera settings (but not less than 1280x960 pixels).
How can I switch to a map of my city when I'm choosing tasks?
To go to a map of your area, tap My location and wait.