Withdrawal methods

  1. How to withdraw money from Toloka
  2. How to choose a withdrawal method
  3. Withdrawal features

How to withdraw money from Toloka

To withdraw money from your Toloka account:

  1. Open the My money page.

  2. Select a payment system and click Withdraw.

You can cancel the withdrawal request if the transaction hasn't been processed yet (still has the Processing status). For such operations, the Cancel request button is available in the Actions history block.

It usually takes a few hours or days, but sometimes longer. The maximum transfer time is 30 days. Check the operation status in the Actions history section.

Restriction. Sometimes you can't apply. This is temporary. This may happen if you registered the previous day or your account is undergoing additional security checks.

How to choose a withdrawal method

You can withdraw money from Toloka using the following methods: Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, YooMoney, Papara.

You can add only one account of each type.

Important. Citizens of the Russian Federation who confirmed their self-employed status and added Toloka as a partner in the My Taxes system can only withdraw money to YooMoney.
Withdrawal method Area of operation Total fee Minimum withdrawal amount Where to transfer money next

Only certain countries

From 2 to 6% From $0.02 to $1 The terms for withdrawing money to a bank account depend on the currency. Read more in the PayPal Help Center.
Skrill Only certain countries From 4.99 to 8.5% From $1 to $5
  • To a Visa credit/debit card with a 7.5% fee.
  • To a bank account: 5.5 euro per transaction.
Learn more on the Skrill website.
Payoneer Almost everywhere 2% $20
  • To a bank account.
  • To a Payoneer Mastercard.

To find out the exact fee amount, go to Fees in your Payoneer account.

The minimum withdrawal amount may differ from the one when withdrawing from Toloka. It might be higher (for example, $50).


Almost everywhere

From 0.1 to 3.1% From $0.02 to $1

Don't request withdrawal until you are sure that your account is confirmed in the payment system. Otherwise, your request may be rejected, and you will have to submit it again.

Withdrawal features

For citizens of Uzbekistan

You can withdraw money from Toloka using the following methods: YooMoney, Payoneer, and Skrill.

Here are some details you need to consider:

You can receive payments in EUR or USD. Direct UZS withdrawal is unavailable.

Foreign currency account
  • You need to open an account in EUR or USD. You can get a bank card and withdraw USD or UZS.
  • When withdrawing money from a foreign currency account, some banks may charge a fee.
  • Some banks request information about the source of the money transferred from Payoneer to a foreign currency account.
Payoneer Mastercard
  • You can use this card to withdraw money at any ATM. The fee is approximately 3% (depending on the bank). You can withdraw UZS at ATMs.
  • The card will not be available immediately after registration, but you can apply for it after you have accumulated a certain amount on your account. Check the details in the Payonner Support Center.
  • The card is issued free of charge, but there is a service fee of $3 a month or $30 annually.
  • Delivery is free, but it can take a long time. Express delivery via DHL costs $40 and takes 3-5 days.

The information provided here is not official. The rates, terms, and fees may vary. Check up-to-date information in the Payoneer Support Center.


Payment and money withdrawal are regulated by the User Agreement.

The terms of payment systems are for information only.

The payment system can change prices, conditions and its availability in the user's country on a unilateral basis. The users can find out about the changes on the payment system site.

Toloka is not responsible for such changes or for placing them in this section within a certain timeframe.