Documents and taxes

Confirmation of earnings

You can download a confirmation of your earnings in the “My Taxes” app. Just go to your profile, tap your name, scroll down to the “Confirmation” section and select what you need.

Reports and tax payment

Taxes for each month must be paid before the 25th of the following month. If you just registered as self-employed, the first taxes you owe will be after 1 month.

You don't need to handle your own accounting. You'll be charged automatically in the “My Taxes” app and can pay in it directly or via your bank's app. If you didn't earn any money, you won't owe any taxes.

There also aren’t any mandatory insurance payments. These payments are optional, for example, if you want your earnings with us to be taken into account for your future pension.

Tax rates and deductions

The tax rate for self-employed drivers is 4% for orders from individuals, and 6% for orders from legal entities.

You can use your ₽10,000 tax deduction once. In this event, your taxes will be temporarily reduced to 3% and 4%, respectively. When the total amount of the deduction reaches ₽10,000, the rate will automatically return to the standard 4% and 6%.