Question about money

If you have a payment or bonus issue with a specific order, select it in the order list and contact us.

Payment never arrived for an order

The order amount should appear on your balance within 3 days after completion. Sometimes only a portion arrives first, but this just means the remainder will be added a bit later.

If it's been more than 3 days and you still haven't been paid, contact us in a comment to the order so we can help.

When are card payouts carried out?

Payouts to Sberbank, Tinkoff and Alfa-Bank cards are carried out daily. If your card is from another bank, payouts for orders on weekends will be completed on Monday and Tuesday (due to bank hours).

Payouts may be processed as several transactions and sometimes on different days depending on the orders.

— Bonuses and money for corporate orders will be paid out the next day if received before 22:00 GMT+3 (a day after if received later).

— Money for cashless orders from users will be paid out the next day if received before 21:10 GMT+3. (a day after if received later).

Due to technical reasons, this time may change.

How to receive money

Money is transferred to your bank card automatically after your second day working with Yandex.Taxi as a direct self-employed partner.

When the bank confirms the payment, this amount will be deducted from your Yandex Pro balance. That means the money will appear on your account soon.

How the fee is charged

The fee is what you pay for each order you receive and complete. You can view the fee charged for each order in the Financial report card in your profile.