How to become a partner

Yandex.Taxi is designed to let you take orders automatically from passengers nearby. Joining our service can help you increase your total orders, decrease your downtime, and lessen dispatchers' workload.

For taxi companies

We invite taxi companies to partner with us in all cities across Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. Only official taxi companies that operate in accordance with local legislation can become partners.

Factors that we consider when evaluating taxi companies include the number of cars that a taxi company has, and what type of equipment they use:

  • For companies using a Yandex.Taximeter, the minimum number of cars is determined based on the city.

  • Companies using a different type of software should have no less than 100 cars in their service (regardless of the city).

All partners sign a direct contract with Yandex and are subject to identical business terms and conditions. Your company brand will display in the app and you can set your own rates as long as they don't exceed Yandex.Taxi's maximum rate.

To join Yandex.Taxi, fill out a form with information about your taxi company and send it to us. We will be happy to get back to you.

For drivers

Yandex does not work directly with drivers (private individuals). You can only take orders from Yandex.Taxi users if you work for a taxi company that is a partner service.

If you work as an individual entrepreneur or plan to register as one, please fill out the form to join our service.