How to place an order

  1. Enter your pickup address. If the right address was entered by default, tap Where to.

    To select a different address, tap Change address or move the point on the map.

  2. Enter your destination to receive an upfront fare calculation for your trip.

    You can enter up to three intermediary points (tap +). For a route with stops along the way, you can only make changes while you're placing your order.

  3. Choose a service class and payment method.

    After you place your order, you can switch from cash to card payment or select a different bank card if you have linked several cards to the app. Just tap  → Change payment method at the bottom of the screen.

  4. You can add leave comments if necessary.

    In the Comments section, provide any additional information that will help the driver find you. For example, “Wait at back door”.

  5. Tap Order taxi.