Available payment methods

You can use both cash and non-cash payment methods to pay for your trips with Uber in Russia. Cash payment method is automatically activated on your account. You can find guidelines on how to add a card in the section Adding of new payment methods.

Please note that in Uber you cannot use cards Qiwi, Momentum, Yandex.Money, virtual cards, electronic wallets, and Maestro cards. Functionally of Apple Pay, PayPal and Android Pay was limited for Uber on the territory of Russia.

To work properly your card must be available for online payments and have permission to conduct transactions with Russia (you can get this information in your bank).

Please note that Uber credits are no longer available as a payment method in Russia.

You have a possibility to select an appropriate payment method for each of your trips. Please note that you can change your payment method from cash to non-cash and back anytime.