I have a duplicate charge

Sometimes Uber places a temporary authorization hold on your payment method when the trip is requested. It means that the upfront fare calculated by the system for your route can be held on your bank account right after the request was confirmed. This transaction does not take into account available discounts or change of the trip fare, that is why authorization hold can vary from the fare that was actually charged.

This initial fare would appear as “pending” on your account. While this is immediately voided at our end, it might linger on your account for a short while, depending on your bank's policies. Usually, the unlocking of the funds occurs within 5 days, but most banks do not additionally notify customers about this transaction. Please contact your bank to ensure that funds were held, but not charged.

Please note that sometimes bank can send you several notifications about one actual charge. Moreover, you can get your bank consistent notifications about transactions for different amounts if the trip was canceled or if during the trip there was a fallback of the upfront fare calculated by the system.

Besides this, your Uber account or payment account may occasionally show 2 or more identical charges for the same amount if you have separate trips that happened to have the same fare. In this case, we recommend checking your trips history.

If more than 5 days have passed since the date of the transaction, please contact your bank to get information about the duplicate charge.