Accepting a trip fare

Depending on the city where you're using Uber, your app may display fares for each available vehicle option when you've selected a destination.

If your app is displaying fares

By selecting the vehicle option icon you prefer, you agree to be charged the displayed fare when you arrive at your destination. Tap the black Request button to accept the fare and request a ride.

Trip fares are based on factors that include estimated time and distance to your destination. Fees and surcharges are also included. Minor inaccuracies in route will not affect its fare. The fallback of the upfront fare may take place if the time and distance of the trip for some reasons were higher than estimated. For example, it happens when addresses of pickup location or destination has been changed or there have been additional stops, traffic jams, repair work or opened drawbridges on the route. In this case fare is calculated as a base fare plus time and distance within the rates of the city you're travelling in.

If you make request for the ride during times of high demand the fare already includes surge which will remain unchanged if there is the fallback of the upfront fare. Your app always informs you about the surge live in your area by "High demand" notification. If the surge is too high you may wait for few more minutes and make a ride request again. When demand goes down, fares return to normal.

If your app is not displaying fares

If your app doesn't show an upfront fare, you can still request a ride. Your trip's fare will be calculated when you arrive at your destination. Your fare may vary based on current demand for rides near your pickup location at the time you request a ride.

You'll have the option to obtain a fare estimate in the app or on the web, which is displayed as a price range that includes all applicable fees and surcharges based on the estimated route from your pickup location to your destination. If your trip includes additional wait time, or a change in destination, or takes significantly longer than expected, your actual fare may fall outside this estimated range.