How to cancel a ride

You can cancel your ride at any time before a driver is assigned to your order.

Before a driver is assigned
  1. Tap the white information panel at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap cancellation and confirm your choice.
After a driver is assigned

Please note that there is a charge for canceling an order after a driver has been assigned.

  1. Tap on the panel containing driver information at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Cancel ride and confirm your action.
After the taxi has arrived

If you want to cancel your order after you are already in the taxi, ask the driver to stop and let you out. The driver will complete the ride in the app.

If you accidentally canceled the ride while en route, the driver can still transport you to your destination and then request a cost adjustment.

Charge for cancellation

The amount paid for an order cancellation depends on the city and ride type.

There will be a charge for canceling if:

  • You canceled the ride five minutes or more after the driver accepted your order. In some cities, the limit is two minutes after the driver accepts.
  • The driver canceled the ride five minutes after they arrive.
Note. In both cases, the cancellation will be free if the driver was late by five minutes or more.