Problem with cancellation fee

Cancellation fee is charged if the trip is canceled when the driver is near the pickup location. Please note that the driver should wait for you within 10 minutes while waiting time is a paid service. If you need more time to get into the car, contact the driver and inform him about it. The cost of the waiting time will be included in the final cost of the trip.

How to check if you were charged a cancellation fee

To check if you have been charged for cancellation:

  1. Go to the menu and click Your Trips.
  2. Open the canceled trip.
  3. Click Receipt.

If you have been charged for the cancellation of this trip, the amount of payment will be indicated on the receipt. If you weren't charged the cancellation fee, the trip fare section will indicate 0.

Authorization holds.

If you would like the trip's fee reviewed, please inform the support team about the reason of cancellation:

  • My driver canceled
  • My driver asked me to cancel
  • The ETA was too long
  • I decided not to ride
  • My driver took another passenger
  • My driver refused to make a ride

You can fill in the form below.