Problem with vehicle pickup or order cancellation

We strive to ensure that the process of being picked up by a vehicle is convenient and fast. If the driver cannot enter a closed area, or there are no parking spaces available (or parking is forbidden according to street signs), then they will wait for you in a convenient location as close as possible to the pickup address.

A cancellation fee will be charged if the ride is canceled when the driver is located near the departure point. Please note that the driver has to wait for you for a period of 10 minutes and there is a charge for this waiting period. If you need more time to reach the vehicle, contact the driver and let them know. In this case, the cost of the waiting period will be included in the total cost of the ride.

The cancellation fee compensates the driver for the time they spent travelling to the pickup point.

How to check if a cancellation fee was charged

To check if you were charged for the cancellation of an order:

  1. Go to the menu and tap Your rides.
  2. Open a canceled ride.
  3. Tap Receipt.

If you were charged for cancelling this ride, the amount you paid will be listed on your receipt. If you were not charged a cancellation fee, there will be a 0 under the cost of the ride.

Pre-blocking of funds

If you do not agree with the cancellation fee for a cancelled order, contact the support service, giving the reason for the cancellation:

  • The driver cancelled the ride
  • The driver asked me to cancel the ride
  • The driver took too long to get to the pickup point
  • I changed my mind about going
  • The driver picked up another passenger
  • The driver refused to take me

If you had any problems with being picked up by a vehicle, let us know what happened when you contact the support service.

You can use the form below.