My driver refused my destination

If your question is related to a write-off before the trip begins, it means that you've faced an authorization hold. When you request a trip, Uber places a temporary authorization hold for the upfront fare on your card and removes it within hours of trip completion. This is not a charge and it will disappear from your bank statement within a few days.

Drivers accepting your trip requests are expected to bring you to your preferred destination. However, in some situations, we retain the driver's right to refuse the ride, for example, if the destination address is outside the Uber service area or if the car is not equipped with a child car seat. In such situations, we recommend to contact the driver in advance and ask if he agrees to make a trip.

If the driver refused to bring you to the desired destination due to other reasons or your trip was uncomfortable and unsafe, please let us know about it.

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Please do not create additional requests for the same issue. We will review your request within 24 hours.