My promo code didn't work

In order for any promotional discount to be applied to a trip fare, you must enter the promo code before requesting a trip. The value of any promo code can only be applied to one trip. If after that you have the amount of discount left, this balance can't be applied to the next trips. In the event that one promotional code is given for several trips, this will be indicated in the promotional code description.

Please note that promotions may have expiration dates or only apply in specific areas or cities, as well as to particular payment methods.

You can activate only one promotional code before the trip. You need to enter the promotional code manually, without copying it.

Please note that an upfront fare of a trip calculated by the system for your route takes into account the effect of promotional codes.

If you have a problem with a promotional code, enter the promotional code that you entered or wanted to enter in the section below, and also describe the error that occurred when trying to use this promotional code. You can fill in the form below.