How to request a ride

  1. Enter your pickup address. If the address is already there by default, tap Where.

    To choose a different address, tap Change address or move the pin on the map.

  2. Enter your destination address to see your upfront ride fare.

    You can add up to three stops (tap +), but they must be added before you confirm the ride request.

  3. Choose a service class and payment method.

    After you confirm your ride request, you can change from cash to card payment or choose a different card if you've added more than one. Just tap  → Change payment method at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Enter any additional information.

    The "Options" section is for major ride requirements, such as child safety seats. Please note that some options are paid services.

    In the "Comments" section, you can also enter instructions for the driver to help find you faster, for example, “Wait by the crosswalk”.

  5. Tap