How Yandex.Plus cashback works with taxi rides

A Yandex.Plus subscription gives you 10% of all ride fares back as cashback points.

The same ride for two users (with and without a subscription) will cost the same. How it works. Let's say that Peter doesn't have a subscription. He requests a ride and pays ₽1,000 for it. But Nick has a subscription, so when he requests a ride to the same addresses for the same ₽1,000, he pays ₽900 for the ride and ₽100 for the extended Plus subscription. This is reflected in the receipt. In the end, Nick and Peter paid the same amount, but after the ride, Nick will have +100 cashback points on his Plus account, while Peter has none.

However, this situation where two people got the exact same ride fare is just an example. In real life, traffic conditions and the number of available cars can change multiple times per second. But the way cashback works is exactly as described above, with the Plus user ending up saving 10% on the ride.