Order a cargo van or delivery

How to order a cargo van

The “Cargo” service class can help you move large items, pick up products from stores or deliver orders to clients. Requesting a cargo van is the same as a regular ride, where you see the price and pickup time upfront.

You can haul anything that doesn't have special shipping requirements (such as pianos, safes, etc.). The cargo needs to be handled from start to finish. You can hire a loader along with the van in the order “Options”, but there will be an extra charge. If you select a vehicle without loaders, then you'll be responsible for loading, unloading and securing the cargo on your own.

If you're being assisted by one loader, the weight limit is 30 kg per item, and dimensions of the cargo van interior are 200 cm high, 200 cm wide and 200 cm long. With two loaders, the weight limit is 60 kg per item, and the dimensions of the cargo van interior are 300 cm high, 300 cm wide and 300 cm long.

How to order delivery

The “Delivery” service class will help get your small parcels where they're going fast. Enter the recipient's phone number when placing your order. They'll receive a link where they can track the vehicle in real time. Bank card, Apple Pay or Google Pay accepted.

All parcels must be packaged in an envelope, box or bag, be small enough to fit in a car and weigh no more than 20 kg. Any items that can damage a car's interior are prohibited.

You can also ship an item with the “Courier” service class. A courier will arrive to pick it up within 20 minutes and deliver it to the recipient in 2-3 hours. Maximum item weight: 10 kg.

Cargo and parcel insurance