Removing a business

I want to remove information about my business

If you are the owner of a business and your business has closed, you can remove it from the Yandex Business Directory.

Find the business on the page. Click the Delete button and choose an option:

  • “from my account” — the business will be removed from your list, and you won't be able to manage the listing in the future.
  • “from the Business Directory database” — the business will no longer be shown on Yandex.Maps.

The business is not located at the given address

If you discovered that there is no business at the address provided in Yandex.Maps:

  1. In the business profile, click Edit information.
  2. In the Edit information form, choose a value in Status. Fill in the other information.
  3. Click Send.

Our experts will check your information and, if needed, remove the business profile.