Rules for providing information

The rules for providing information published on this page are universal and apply to any kind of business listing in the Yandex Business Directory. In case of violation, requests for adding or editing company information can be rejected without explanation. In addition, an existing business profile can be removed if any violations are found during a regular information check carried out by moderators.

  1. Rules for filling in the fields
  2. Reasons for rejecting a publication
  3. Yandex reserves the right to:

Rules for filling in the fields

Business name

  1. The business name shoud not contain the type of legal entity (LLC, Inc., Ltd., JSC ,and so on). For example, Yandex LLC is shown as just Yandex in the Yandex Business Directory.

  2. The name should not contain keywords about the type of business, even if the keyword is from the Yandex Business Directory list of categories. For example, the name Restaurant Fortuna will be published as Fortuna.

  3. The business name should not include information about the address or the closest metro station, unless this information is a part of the official name.

  4. No advertising text may be present in the name. This includes:

    • Product name, country of origin, and so on.
    • List of goods or services (Real estate agency, appraisal, sales, rental).
    • Any action related to the business (Flooring installation, Buying scrap metal, Mounting suspended ceilings).
    • The words “sale”, “discounts”, “installation”, “low prices”,“wholesale and retail” and so on, unless these words are a part of the official name.
    • Names of popular brands, unless the company is an office, a franchisor or an official dealership for this brand (iPhone repair, McDonald's delivery).

  5. Use of obscene words is not allowed.

  6. Names of institutions of higher education should follow the pattern “[abbreviation], [faculty/department name]”. For example: Lomonosov MSU Department of Global Politics.


  1. Only business listings with actual addresses can be published.

  2. Not allowed:

    • Legal mailing addresses or postal addresses.
    • Addresses of residential premises.
    • Addresses of taxi stands, tow truck parks, and so on.
    • Addresses of real estate for sale or for rent (apartments, offices, private houses).


  1. Only links to main pages on the official website and public pages in social networks are allowed.
  2. Internal links are not allowed. Exception: links to the branches of a chain, if it is difficult to navigate to them from the main page and if the moderator believes that the content at the internal links is helpful for users.
  3. Not allowed:

    • Personal sites, including sites of doctors and lawyers who work for organizations listed in the Yandex Business Directory.

    • Private and topic-based communities or groups in social networks; blogs that don't contain information about the business.

    • Gaming portals.

    • Forums and chats.

    • Sites containing download links to films, software, and so on.

    • Sites with pornographic content.

    • Sites containing obscenities.

Business category

  1. Each organization can have up to three main categories. Secondary services of a company should not be chosen as a business category. For example, if a hotel has a pool, you shouldn't choose “Pool” as a business category. The pool should be mentioned in the Services section, with “Hotel” selected as the category.

  2. Organizations engaged in illegal activities are banned from publishing. This includes:

    • Selling documents, certificates, or licences.
    • Selling SIM cards and telephone numbers, if the organization is not a mobile operator.
    • Selling narcotics, laughing gas and imitations of elite alcohol brands.
    • Pyramid schemes.
  3. Events with fixed dates are banned from publishing.

Reasons for rejecting a publication

The most common violations are:

  • Business address is not specified. Most businesses can't be listed in the Yandex Business Directory without an address.
  • It is impossible to confirm the business' information by phone or on the website.
  • An organization's area of activity or an advertising text was entered instead of the organization's name. For example, if Yandex's moderators were unable to clarify the information for a company called “Carpet-laying” or “Alternative to a hotel” over the phone, then the request will be denied.
  • Instead of the actual address, the request contains a mailing or postal address. The address must match the actual location of the organization.
  • A dummy address is given. There's no such business at this address, or its representative is absent at the address during the indicated business hours.

Yandex reserves the right to:

  • Edit the business name and choose the categories at its own discretion.

  • Remove a business listing at any moment without offering an explanation.

  • Remove a duplicate business listing.

    Duplicate business listings contain similar or identical information and describe the same company.

    Business listings are considered duplicates if:

    • They have the same contact information: name, address, telephone, category, and site URL.
    • Businesses that are located at the same address have all the same details except for one: name, telephone, category, or site URL.
    • Businesses that are located at the same address have the same details except for one of the above-listed items and the category.