Service blocking and captcha

Why is a service blocked?

A Yandex service may be blocked if it receives many similar requests from users or programs. For example, this may happen if multiple people use a Yandex service from devices that are connected to the internet from the same IP address. In this case, Yandex interprets them all as one user and asks for additional confirmation.

I've pressed “I'm not a robot”. Why am I also asked to enter a code?

Sometimes, confirming “I'm not a robot” isn't enough to tell a real person from a program. We're constantly working to improve the algorithms, but sometimes we have to ask for additional verification.

In this case, to return to the search page, enter the symbols that you see in the captcha image and press Submit.

To refresh the captcha image, press .

Instead of symbols from an image, you can enter numbers from an audio captcha. To do this, press  → Say and listen to the message.

Attention. Yandex only prompts you to enter captcha symbols and will never ask you to enter your phone number, send a text message, or re-enter your username and password. If you receive such requests, you're on a fake page. Let us know via the feedback form.

If you enter the symbols correctly, Yandex remembers your browser as verified (provided that the files are saved in your browser permanently).

If you need to make automatic requests to Yandex, use the service Yandex.XML.

If you can't access the service for a long time because of additional checks, contact support.

How can someone else access the internet from my IP address?

Requests from your IP aren't necessarily sent from your device. Internet providers sometimes combine multiple subscribers under one IP address.

If you connect to a public network, for example, if you access the internet via Wi-Fi in a cafe, you have the same IP address as everyone who uses the same Wi-Fi point.

I don't see the captcha image

If after selecting “I'm not a robot” the captcha image or audio doesn't appear, check whether image loading is enabled in your browser. If you see the Yandex logo but not the captcha, check whether your browser plug-ins or firewall settings are blocking it from downloading. If you run into this problem at work, contact your network administrator.

Contact support

Please contact support for this service directly. To do this, use the feedback form of the service (you can usually find it at the bottom of the page or in the table of contents). This way, your message goes straight to the right specialists and you'll receive an answer more quickly.