Creating and changing a search theme

The search theme makes it possible to include up to 100,000 sites with the same subject in the search field. If the limit of 200 sites that you can manually enter in the search field is not enough for you, create your own search theme by opening the page and clicking Create a theme.

Note. You can't create more than 1000 search themes.

When creating a theme, specify the following parameters:

  • Theme name is the name you can assign to a theme in the Yandex.Site Search interface. The theme name should clearly reflect the sites' subject in order to pass moderation.

  • Theme description is the description of the topic that the theme's sites are dedicated to. The theme description should help moderators evaluate if a site is relevant to the theme.

  • Name is the name of the theme's owner; Yandex.Site Search will contact them.

  • Site is the address of the site where the themed search will function.

  • E-mail is the e-mail address of the search theme owner.

  • List of sites is the list of sites that you want to unite under a common search theme. Sites, not separate pages, should be entered in the list: only website themselves are checked to see if they match the given theme.

If you plan to update the list of sites for a given theme using HTTP requests, enter the IP address that these requests will be sent from in the IP address field.

Each search theme needs to pass moderation before it can be used: we need to be sure that the listed sites really pertain to one subject. After passing moderation, your theme should end up in the main search index (this takes 7-10 days).

You can use a moderated and indexed topic to arrange the search by topical sites on Yandex.Site Search or .