A snippet is a block of information about a site page displayed in the search results. A snippet consists of a page title and description, and may also contain additional site details.

Title filtering

Snippet titles for search results are based on page titles and often contain duplicate fragments:

To filter the text of snippet titles and remove duplicates from it:

  1. Select a search on the page and go to Snippets.

  2. In the List of phrases form, specify duplicate fragments to be removed from titles (one phrase per line).

    Note. The phrases are matched with spaces at the beginning and end of the lines.

    You can select the filtered phrases “ ::” and “ :: reference section ::” for the snippets shown in the example.

Yandex Site Search removes the specified phrases from the snippet titles. If multiple matches are found, the longest one is deleted.

As a result, the above example will look like this: