What questions Yandex asks and why

Yandex is doing an experiment to collect user opinions. In search results, we ask many different questions. For example, we ask about movies, products, computer games, and the quality of services provided by online stores. We learn your opinion about search results: “Did you find what you were looking for?” “Is this information card useful to you?”

We hope that the collected data helps us improve Yandex services. If the experiment is a success, we will not only ask, but also share the information received.

Note. Not everyone gets asked to answer a question or rate something. Yandex users are randomly selected to participate in the experiment.

Frequently asked questions about this experiment

How do I view or correct my answer?

At this stage of the experiment, you can't view or change your answers.

Why am I only asked to rate things, but not to write a review?

As part of the experiment, we ask different questions. Some of them don't allow users to leave a text comment.

I've written a review. When and where can I see it?

For now we are only collecting and analyzing text reviews, not publishing them. To make sure that your feedback is taken into account, we send a copy of it to the email address that is linked to your Yandex username.

In the future, we plan to show some of the reviews on Yandex services and in search results.

Why did Yandex ask me to rate movies and companies earlier, but doesn't now?

Yandex users are randomly selected to participate in the experiment. You might not have been selected this time. Besides, the experiment has a restriction: if you already rated something, we try not to ask you about it again.

I was asked if I'm a client of a certain company. Why is that? Are you following me?

We want to learn how to collect objective assessments. If a person is not a client of a company, it's hard for them to properly assess the quality of service. That's why we ask these questions.

All collected data is stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Why do you ask if people trust my company? It can damage its reputation.

Before launching the experiment, we analyzed why users write positive or negative reviews. For example, it turned out that trust in the company is extremely important for banks and mobile operators. Our users are concerned with these questions, so we ask them.

How can I do a survey about my company using Yandex.Search? How much does it cost?

We don't plan to take orders for surveys. User reviews of companies are part of an experiment. If the experiment is a success, we'll regularly collect data, but only to improve Yandex search results.

Do user ratings affect how documents are ranked?

They don't. For now, we are only collecting and analyzing ratings. If the experiment is a success, user ratings may be taken into account in the ranking.

I'm busy and don't want to answer questions.

Don't answer. You can simply ignore all questions and requests to rate something.