Search suggestions

Search suggestions are popular searches that start with the same letters as your query and appear in the block under the search bar.

The list of suggestions is updated as you enter characters in the search bar.

If one of the suggestions matches your query, select it from the list using the mouse or the Up/Down keys and press Enter ( Return ) to proceed to your search. If necessary, you can refine your search by adding something to the text of the selected suggestion.

Suggestions are made based on a stream of queries to Yandex. This includes the names of encyclopedic articles, musical works, and other relevant content. In addition to the query text itself, search suggestions may include links to websites and quick answers to your question.

When generating suggestions, the user's location and personal interests may be considered if this is allowed in the corresponding settings.

Answers in suggestions

Yandex can give answers to popular queries directly in search suggestions. For example, you can find out the depth of Lake Baikal or the height of Mount Everest without going to search results. You will get the answer before entering the entire query.

Links to websites

If a website link turns out to be a relevant answer to your query, it will appear in search suggestions. Click the link to go directly to the website bypassing the search results page.

If you want your favorite sites to be highlighted in search suggestions, enable the Show sites that you frequently visit option in the search suggestion settings.

If you see an inaccuracy in the site description, report it to the Yandex support service.