Family search for organizations

When using the internet in educational institutions and other organizations, a lot of attention is paid to the setup of SafeSearch, which protects the user from internet resources with "adult content". To enable page filtering in the regular search, images and videos, use the Family mode.

You can set up Family search in one of the following ways:

Family mode in the search results settings

To select the necessary document filtering mode directly on the search results settings page, you do not need any special knowledge or access permissions. You can change the set parameters at any time.


To save the selected filtering mode and apply it to new sessions, enable storing cookies in the browser settings.

Setup steps:

  1. Select the Family search mode in the Filter pages section.
  2. Confirm the changes by clicking Save and return to search page at the bottom of the page.


Setup using Yandex.DNS allows you to set Family search for a computer or for all LAN devices (router configuration). DNS settings take priority over the options selected on the Yandex Search results settings page.

Computer settings

Yandex.DNS on a PC is enabled in the network connection settings. Access to changing the settings may be restricted by the PC Administrator.

The configuration procedure depends on the operating system you are using:

Router configuration

Yandex.DNS on the router is enabled by the Network Administrator.

The configuration procedure depends on the router model:

Hosts file

The hosts file allows you to specify the IP addresses for host (domain and server) names by which they will be accessible from a PC. To edit the hosts file, you need the PC Administrator permissions (for Windows) or Superuser permissions (for Linux).

The settings defined in the hosts file take priority over the DNS settings.

To make sure the Yandex search engine is used in the Family search mode, add the following record to the hosts file: is the Yandex IP address with the preset Family search.

If in the Yandex Family search mode you see a page with content “for adults” or obscene language, report this to the support service.