Family search for organizations

When using the internet in educational institutions and other organizations, it's very important to set up safe search, which protects users from adult content. To enable page filtering in regular search, in images, and in videos, use Family mode.

You can set up Family search in one of the following ways:

Enable family search

  1. In Filter search results, select Family search.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

To save the selected filter and apply it to new sessions, enable cookies in your browser settings.


With Yandex.DNS, you can set up “Family search” for individual computers or all LAN devices (router configuration). DNS settings take priority over the values set on the Search settings page.

Computer settings

To set up Yandex.DNS on a computer, go to your network settings. Access to edit these settings may be restricted by the computer administrator.

The setup procedure depends on your operating system:

Router configuration

The setup of Yandex.DNS on the router is done by the network administrator.

The configuration procedure depends on the router model:

Hosts file

The hosts file allows you to specify particular IP addresses for host (domain, server) names, which a computer will be able to access them at. To edit the hosts file, you need administrator (for Windows) or superuser (for Linux) access rights.

The settings in the hosts file take priority over the DNS settings.

To make sure “Family search” is enabled in Yandex.Search, add the following entry to the hosts file: is the Yandex IP address with the preset family search.

If you see a page with “adult” content or obscene language in Yandex in “Family search” mode, please report this to support.