Why do we index your site?

By allowing Yandex to index your website you can increase the number of users who will be able to find your content.

Once your site has been indexed by Yandex, it will appear in relevant search results not only on yandex.com (with users all from over the world), but also in our national searches (tens of millions of users from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus will be able to find your site).

You can help Yandex find and index your site more efficiently with Yandex.Webmaster service. It provides you with tools to manage indexing and improve position of your site's position in Yandex search results. Use Yandex.Webmaster to report any website changes, thereby ensuring that your site continues to appear in Yandex search results for relevant queries. Website administrators can also inform the Yandex search robot about their site using the Add URL form without having to register.

We make every effort to index websites placing as little load on the server as we possibly can, and without reducing the performance of the site itself.

However, if you are finding that your server load is higher than normal during this process, with a few simple commands you can control the behaviour of the Yandex indexing robot on your site and reduce the load on your server.