Personalized search

Personalized answers

If you are a frequent search user, Yandex begins to suggest answers that are tuned to your individual interests.

For example, for the query [Agatha Christie] made by a music lover, Yandex will probably suggest the official website of the Russian rock band of the same name, but for a person who reads a lot of detective novels, results will show sites about Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

Personalized answers appear both in the list of search results and suggestions. Yandex generates them by analyzing the user's search behavior.

This approach significantly improves the search quality, so this feature is enabled by default.

Personalized queries in search suggestions

Yandex may prompt not only popular query options but also your previous queries as search suggestions.

Favorite websites in search suggestions

If you frequently go from search results to the same websites, Yandex starts showing links to these resources in search suggestions.

Click on the empty search bar to see them.

Customize your personalized search

You can determine how you want to use your search query data and whether you want it to be used. You can disable the personal search function at any time.

You can customize your personal search on the page Search settings. If the function is enabled but you do not see personalized answers or suggestions, it means that there is not enough information about your search behavior for the Yandex algorithms to work correctly.