Search operators

Yandex offers a powerful set of search operators that let users create highly specific searches by taking even the smallest linguistic peculiarities and nuances into account. The most common search criteria can be specified in the advanced search section. However, by familiarizing yourself with these search operators, you'll be able to solve even the most complex of search tasks.

Search operator crib sheet



"drink me"

Search for exact word order

"this watch is exactly * days slow"

Missing word in quote

hedgehog & flamingo

Words appear in same sentence

caterpillar && cheshire

Words appear on same webpage

croquet +flamingo

Search for webpages with specific word

Cheshire cat | hatter | march hare

Search for any word in query

Oh my ears and whiskers << rabbit hole

Non-ranking “and”: the words after the operator do not affect the ranking of the page in the results

Twinkle twinkle little ~~ star

Exclude “star” from search results

teacup ~ tart

Search for sentences that include “teacup” but not “tart”

!Curiouser !and !curiouser

Words appear in exact form

queen && (+behead | !head)

Brackets group words in complex searches


Dictionary form of word


Search URL

Search host


Reverse host search


Search all pages and subdomains of site


Search for specific file type


Narrow search by language


Narrow search by domain


Narrow search by date

date:20071215..20080101, date:>20091231

Narrow search by date range

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