Query correction


In Yandex, all search queries go through the typo correction service.

If the service detects a typo and knows the correct version with a high degree of confidence, it will correct it automatically. . For example, if you enter [rainbaw], it is corrected to "rainbow":

The service can also suggest the spelling of a word for you.

When choosing a replacement word, several factors are taken into account:

  • How often words are used in queries.
  • How often words occur together.
  • Error probability.

A replacement word that is selected this way is the best from a statistical viewpoint, but it's not necessarily the most correct word.

Don't use suggestions for typos as a reference for spelling and grammar. The purpose of the suggestion is to prompt a better wording for a productive search, but not necessarily the best one in terms of formal language rules.

Query correction settings

You can disable the autocorrect feature on the search results settings page (the Correct searches option).

In this case, you will see search results for the original query and under the search bar you will be prompted to perform a search for the corrected query.