Advanced search

With advanced search filters, you can refine a query to limit your search by region, the form of a word, the specified site, language, file type, or date of document update.

To refine your search query:

  1. Click the icon in the search bar.

  2. Choose the filters you need. Active filters are highlighted and search results will contain documents that meet all the specified conditions.

    When you add new filters, search results are updated automatically.

    Note. To apply the filters in Internet Explorer 8, click the Find link under the advanced search panel.

To view search results without any filters, collapse the advanced search panel by clicking the icon. The specified parameters will be saved and you can return to them by clicking the icon again.

To reset the filter values, use the Clean link under the advanced search panel.

Advanced search filters

  • In the region: restricts the search to websites in the specified area. By default, this is set to the user's location. To change the region, click .

    To enable the filter, click the button with the name of the region.

  • On the website: restricts the search to the documents on the website specified in the filter value.

  • Exactly as in the query: restricts the search to the documents in which the query words are present in the same form as in the query itself. However, the words in the document found can be in any order.

    The filter corresponds to the ! operator in the query language (for more information, see Word forms (morphology) and search context).

  • Document language: restricts the search to documents in a particular language. The buttons for selecting the most popular languages are displayed on the filter panel. To select a different value, click More. You can select multiple languages at once.

  • File type: restricts the search to documents with the specified extension. To specify an extension, click File type and select one or more values from the list.

  • Date of update: limits search results by the date of document update. You can select one of the suggested options or specify your time interval in the From and To fields.