Questions and answers

The search results page is empty. What should I do?

Possible cause:

  • No documents were found that matched your search.

    It is possible that your search restrictions are too strict. Try disabling advanced search filters or reformulating your search query.

  • Use of browser extensions to block ads (such as AdBlock Plus, uBlock or Adguard) may affect the generation of the search results page. Disable the installed extensions.

  • The cache and cookies may also cause an empty search results page to appear.

    Try clearing the browser cache and removing the cookies and flash cookies. However, keep in mind that deleting the cookies will result in removal of other site settings from the browser, which may cause additional inconvenience.

Check the search results. If the problem still persists, contact the Yandex support service.

The query returned too many documents. How can I narrow my search?

Try to specify the query with additional words. For instance, try searching for [Jungian psychology] instead of [psychology].

How does Yandex rank search results?

Yandex analyzes how well each found document matches the user's query. The more useful the answer, the higher it is on the search results page.

The ranking of the results is performed automatically. This takes into account the convenience of site navigation, its structure, the quality of texts, advertising clutter and other properties of the site.

How are search engines chosen to include in the section with alternative search engines?

The list of alternative search engines differs in different countries and is determined based on the following principles:

  • Full support for at least one of the local languages in the search engine and interfaces.

  • Large search database and the presence of a significant local segment in it: the size should be comparable to that of the Yandex database.

  • The search must be different from Yandex search (and other searches that are linked to from this section) so that the user can get additional information, not repetitions of the already found documents.

  • The search service should be popular with local internet users.

How can I search for information in the region I am interested in?

Try advanced search and enter the region you need in the option In the region.