Completing project exercises

Project exercises are parts of the project that you need to complete during a course. When a student completes all their coursework, they end up with a completed project. Project exercises are only assigned after a student completes all their lessons in the online platform.

  1. How exercises are reviewed
  2. Submitting a solution for code review
  3. Checking code review results

How exercises are reviewed

All completed project exercises are submitted for code review. Code review is a process where experienced developers thoroughly analyze your code. The outcome is overall better quality code: improved architecture, style, readability, and test coverage. The developers also help students find logical errors, vulnerabilities, and performance issues.

Code review is performed by experienced developers, not mentors.

Submitting a solution for code review

  1. Go to Project excercise.
  2. Click Upload results at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select the file.
  4. Click OK.

Checking code review results

Results are published on the exercise page.

To read the comments for your solution, click Download and download the file with the solution to your computer. Comments are given right in the code.

If have any questions about the comments, contact student support.