Using Slack

You can communicate directly with your mentor and take part in group discussions in Slack.

Restriction. Access to Slack is only provided in the paid course.
  1. Channels and chats
  2. How to join a channel or chat

Channels and chats

Throughout the training program, you'll be given access to various channels and chats:

  • Announcements. Notifications and alerts about webinars, maintenance, and bugs.
  • Exercises. Open discussion about course exercises.
  • Projects. Forum for asking questions while working on projects.
  • Student support chat. Direct line to support to ask administrative questions and questions about the platform, homework, and your mentor.
  • General group chat. Open forum with other students to discuss course topics, ask and answer questions, and exchange resources and materials.

The list of channels and chats may be different for each course.

How to join a channel or chat

You'll receive instructions on how to join channels and chats in an email that we send after you pay the training fees.