Program process

Step 1. Sign up

You need a Yandex account to access the service. All of your completed tasks and projects are saved to this account.

Step 2. Choose a course

Available courses and the skills you'll acquire during your studies are listed under Courses.

Step 3. Take the free course

You'll get hands-on experience starting your first day. Information is taught in small chunks, and you immediately put theory into practice by writing your own code in our Interactive Online Platform. The platform gives you feedback and helps you fix mistakes.

Step 4. Pay to continue learning

After finishing the free course, you can expand on what you learned by applying for the paid course.

Step 5. Complete independent projects

We'll teach you how to use professional development tools, which you'll use to create anywhere from 5 to 14 independent projects (depending on the course). This is the same kind of practice you'd get from a 3-month internship at an IT company. You'll have two weeks to complete each project. Afterwards, you'll have invaluable experience and a competitive portfolio.

Step 6. Work with a mentor

Your mentor will guide you through any rough patches, share their experience, check your work, and offer feedback. You can keep in touch in the chat and call each other once a week.

Step 7. Complete a final project

The last month of your training will be devoted to your final project. You won't need to use the Interactive Online Platform or study any theory during this time. Your final project simulates an actual task at an IT company.

Step 8. Receive your certificate

After you finish your final project, you receive a certificate that verifies your skills in a given profession and lets future employers know you completed your training.