Mentors are developers from Yandex and other IT companies, who assist students during their training by:
  • Answering difficult questions.
  • Offering support.
  • Providing additional materials.
  • Advising on individual work.
  • Sharing their experience.
Restriction. Mentors are only available in the paid course.

Each student is assigned a mentor automatically. If necessary, you can put in a request to change your mentor.

Webinars with mentors

Every two weeks, your mentor conducts a webinar with the group. During the webinar, the mentor answers questions about the current course and helps you understand the project and set priorities.

Information about upcoming webinars and a preliminary list of questions for discussion are published in the group chat.

Tip. Students can also send their questions to student support and in Slack.

Changing mentors

To change your mentor, submit a request to student support and tell us why you want to work with a different mentor. We will review the situation and respond by email.